Roof Terrace at the Zanzibar Hotel

Roof Terrace at the Zanzibar Hotel

Acrylic on canvas

24 x 38 inches


The Zanzibar Hotel had a beautiful roof terrace as well.  I was fascinated with the rhythmic pointed arched stones placed side by side forming a boundary wall.  This was used for dining and it had spectacular views of the interior of the island.  I could see places, churches and mosques amongst lush vegetation of acacia and palm trees.  The protective cover on the terrace allowed for a sweet gentle breeze to cool off the hot summer day. 


I spent hours on this terrace, sketched it and now finally painted it.  I was struck by the bright light and yet everything was in the shade because of the protective cover.  Therefore, in this painting I try to capture the unique architectural design, the rhythmic flow of the architectural motifs that evoke tomb stones, and the unique muted colors.  There is a feeling of viewing the outside from the inside and of experiencing closeness and the distant view afar. 


Most of all I loved the sense of geometry in this overall design and the painting is not so much about the view, but more about lines and curves that make up this unique Islamic style.  I hope that I captured all its charm.

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