Bauhaus Archives, Berlin

Bauhaus Archives, Berlin

Acrylic on canvas,

28 x 20 inches



After visiting the Bauhaus in Dessau, where Kandinsky and Klee used to teach among many other important artists, I was prompted to visit the Bauhaus Archives in Berlin.  This is the place which houses documents, drawings, manuscripts, letters, and art objects connected with the history of the Bauhaus.  The original design was drafted by Walter Gropius in 1964, but he died before the building materialized.  It was his collaborator Alexander Cvijanovic who eventually took the responsibility to modify the original design and planning.  It opened in 1979 and it still holds the principles of the Bauhaus characterized by clear lines. 


This design of course attracted my attention.  There is such a play of horizontals and verticals.  There are different layers with the suspended walkway leading one to the heart of the museum.  This building is complex and spread out.  The angle that I chose is a very limited view of the entire building, but so much is going on in just a small segment.  The building is originally white, but I had to give it a different color to make it my own.  The colors here are all an invention except for the blue clear sky.  The result is almost metaphysical. The metal bars in the foreground act as an introductory space to allow you a view of the partial buildings, but the red horizontal lines act also as a contrast with the verticality of the building.


The Bauhaus Archives have been closed since 2018 since the building is undergoing renovations which include a new extension planned to be ready by 2022, the work of architect Volker Staab.  I made several drawings of the building, and I plan to paint it again emphasizing different features of this magnificent architectural design.

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