Madrasa of the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Madrasa of the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Acrylic on canvas,

20 x 28 inches



This is the courtyard of an important madrasa, a school for the teaching of Islam situated just 50 meters west of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.  The building is simple, yet dignified, characterized by repetitive arches that cast beautiful shadows at different times of the day. 


The dominant white structure on the left of the painting is the Sabil Qaytbay, a domed public fountain, known for its beauty after the Dome of the Rock itself.  Here I simplify the structure and do not show the intricate carvings on it.  It was built in the 15th century, completed in the reign of Sultan Qaytbay for whom it is named. 


The presence of the palm tree provides space and an invitation to the painting.  I preferred to paint it without people to allow the sunlight to create shapes which delineate better the architectural features.

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