Mosque by the Ocean

Mosque by the Ocean

Acrylic on canvas,

20 x 28 inches



This horizontal composition is about simplicity, a cool breeze by the Indian ocean, and lush vegetation.  I found the spot meditative, far away from the usual places where I live and work.  It reminded me of the inner soul searching that I experience in my studio when I am alone and one with my work.  There was hardly anything to look at: the vast ocean was such a lovely turquoise beneath a much lighter blue sky, no clouds, and the only sound was that of the palm leaves and tree branches moving gently. 


It was hot, but I sat in the shade and sketched this site.  The white mosque on the beach just behind a rough textured wall, had dazzling white wash lime paint on it.  The plaster on the wall was falling apart because of the close proximity to the ocean. It provided a barrier between me and the mosque and the ocean.  However, it was a barrier that could easily be crossed.  I thought this lovely unique insignificant view merited to be recorded in a painting someday.  That day has come a few years later.  The silence and the space beyond captured my attention, and this is what I tried to do in this painting.

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