Gallery of New Works by Professor Cassar

Dear Friends of Atelier Cassar,

It has been a six months already that I delivered my last face to face lecture at Har Sinai- Oheb Shalom in Park Heights!    In recent months I started offering virtual classes via the Zoom platform, seeing no end in sight on overcoming this contagious coronavirus.

Photo Credit Morton Katz

The thing I have missed most during this pandemic is my complete freedom: the things we take for granted of going to places, and meeting friends.  I missed my travels since summer for me has always meant my break from my usual classes and ventured to some new adventure in a new country.


Since I was a teenager living on the small Mediterranean island of Malta, I realized the importance of travel, that I needed to go out there, and explore for myself, learn about new cultures, meet new friends, and experience different ways of life.  This spirit coupled with meeting my wife was responsible for my coming to the United States.

So, I decided to take the theme of travel, and develop a series of paintings while I am stuck housebound, who knows until when.  I consider myself an abstract painter.  I never experience so much freedom as when I experiment, using different materials, the joy of watching the unexpected develop in front of my eyes with awe.  Those pleasant surprises are worth living for! 


However, during this period of being  I felt I was in a different mood.  I can’t really explain it, but I decided to paint a series of works based on my travels, places I have visited and left an impact on me for one reason or another. 


I generally use a sketchbook, a tiny one that fits in my back jeans pocket, however at times I do execute larger sketches, depending on where I am, and how much time I have.  I also take photographs to serve as references, but I have found out that the best way to understand and live a place is by finding some time to sit, observe, forget all the hurry, and sketch the moment.  I look for important focal lines that determine the place.  I look for those particular characteristics that capture the spirit of the site.

Therefore, I am here going to share with you a series of paintings (the series is still developing as I send these to you), that I have been doing while housebound.

The paintings are relatively small, all painted in acrylic on Belgian cotton canvas.  I tried to capture the place which most of the time is a building, an architectural setting, and in doing so I attempt to simplify the image by making use of basic geometrical shapes coupled with flat color shades.  The colors are not necessarily realistic and faithful to what I saw on that occasion when I was on site, however, when I am painting I put my personal reaction to what I feel, and try to own that idea, while preserving the spirit of the place.

Each painting is accompanied by its respective title, dimensions, height preceding width, medium and year.  I am also attaching a small description for each so that you can appreciate what each painting represents and means to me.

The works are all for sale.  Please do not ask me for prices unless you are seriously interested.  You are free to pass along comments and share them with friends.  You can write to me at